Fights And Frag Checks

About Me!

6s Team Fortress 2

  • ESEA-O Seasons 7, 8 and 9: Pixel Smashers as Demoman

First foray into competitive (aka 6s) TF2 away from the pick-up game group I learned to play with. Learned a lot, made mistakes.

  • ESEA-O Season 14: graveyard of im dreams/NEVER STOP GREETING as Backup (aka benchwarmer) Medic

After taking a hiatus, came back. Roster-rode with people I knew in IM, and I think I actually played a game or two for them.

  • ESEA-O Season 15: The Viable Alternative as Demoman

First team after hiatus. Not meant to be.

  • ESEA-O Season 18: Sock Condoms/ESEA Can’t Melt Steel Teams as Demoman

Second team after hiatus. Had a bunch of fun with them.

  • ESEA-O Season 19: ESEA Can’t Melt Steel Teams as Demoman

We made playoffs! We didn’t win playoffs, unfortunately, and more veteran players considered the teams for that season’s playoffs weaker than normal, but it was a huge confidence boost for myself and the rest of the team.

  • ESEA-IM Season 20: ESEA Can’t Melt Steel Teams/MAD LUGUBRIOUS as Demoman

Last season before retirement. We probably should have played in Open one more time, but we were all keen to take a shot at what life would be like in IM. It sucked for us pretty hard, but we got the experience. Unfortunately, we all decided that we’d be calling it quits with TF2 in general outside of pubbing, since our college lives were coming to a close and we’d have to start working.

That guy in the Shazbowl

Represented the rag-tag group of /v/irgins (/v/ users from 4chan) in the Shazbowl as Demoman/Engineer. Had fun.