Fights And Frag Checks

  • I don't like thing: ULTRAKILL

    ULTRAKILL is getting a lot of press because of the publisher it’s with, New Blood Interactive. It’s part of that publisher’s initiative to bring back the old-school singleplayer FPS genre that’s just about blowing things up and having fun, which I admire. However, I think UTLRAKILL isn’t that good because it represents a weird departure from having multiple well-crafted aspects (level design, weapon variety, enemy behavior, etc.) to an overly-rushed combo frenzy game.

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  • On Learning Fighting Games (August 2020)

    After playing lots of games at various weekend-warrior competitive levels in my youth, I now exist as a grown man trying to learn a new competitive game genre, one that’s competitive at its core. There were some comments and events that piqued my interest. This isn’t going to be comprehensive, but I think they should be talked about somewhere. I’ll probably look back at this and change my opinions in the future as time marches on, which is why I’ve dated the title of this post.

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  • Finally Moving Forward: Hi-ho Silver, Away!

    Another rank up, finally Silver!

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