Fights And Frag Checks

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

All it took was playing one set, but I managed to make my way to Ultra Bronze in SF5 today.

I played a Seth who had just made it into ultra bronze for that rankup game. I still have so much to work on.

  • Dropped a b.hp CC

This one speaks for itself. I had a feeling after getting a knockdown that the Seth was going to try to hit a 3f/fast button on wakeup, but I didn’t do the complete motion of moving the stick back and bringing it around in a half-circle for heavy legs to follow up.

  • Dropped a VT1 activation combo

I managed to land st.hp and activate VT1, and followed through with the, but I let go of the stick once I actiavted my V-Trigger. If I had continued to hold it, I could have followed that with a medium (or heavy) SBK.

  • Fireball too much

Second game of the set, the Seth pulls out some wild aggression that I wasn’t prepared for and I’m put in the corner. Now that I know catches people who are right above me, I could have reacted faster. Instead, I fireball and pay the price.

It happens again after I take the second round. I had brough Seth down to a sliver of health before eating a left-field VT2 activation and it lead into a super. I lost a bunch of health but was still somewhat comfortably ahead. We shimmy slightly in neutral, and it looks like Seth wants to make a move. Instead of waiting for a second to see if it’s worth it, I immediately throw out an ex fireball but the Seth has already jumped. Seth throws me immediately on landing, but at the very least I did a quick rise and checked Seth’s dash, which secured the win.

… and then I threw it all away by testing my luck about who I would get next in ranked. I ended up getting two South American players and having awful laggy matches. Recovered the rank again by beating a laggy no-flag Ibuki, but it wasn’t satisfying.

Note to self: when ahead, stay ahead. Don’t chance fate.